Let's just say we're in stealth mode for now...


A design philosophy for the ages. So I don't have to use sunglasses while using my computer anymore.


Socially powered custom apparel. Coming soon to a Brazil near you.

Bitcoin Fax

We all just love faxing stuff -- don't we? Faxes are the way of the future. You can see low resolution images and documents using nothing more than a phone line. I can imagine some future where everything is run by faxes. So let's pair faxes with Bitcoin, an old technology that is on its way out the door. Old meets new.

Enjoy the new Bitcoin Fax Tool, developed in React, just for you.


Just in time for my birthday, comes the release of my new game, BEAT.R.

With just a single tap, experience exhilarating 3D blocks exploding everywhere while colors and sounds delight you in every way.

This infinite runner is sure to grab your attention for at least 30 seconds.

Ionic Video Chat 2

Ionic Video Chat is a fully functional real time Video and Text chat app similar to Viber or WhatsApp. It has full multi-platform support for iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and Linux. It contains two versions, one in Ionic 1 and another in Ionic 2.

It comes with a complete backend in Node.js and MongoDB for user management & chat history features, and utilizes WebRTC for direct peer to peer secure communication.

WoW Stat 3

WoW Stat is a World of Warcraft server monitor utility. All you have to do is set the server you wish to monitor. If your server goes down, WoW Stat will automatically notify you when it is back up, and even relaunch WoW for you.

It's been years since i've played wow, but it turns out that Titanium's servers no longer host the libraries to run my old version of WoW Stat, so I decided to rebuild it in Electron. It's built in javascript/html/css and compiled as a desktop app for both Windows and macOS.

Check it out at

Mail Princess

On-demand automated Check and Document Mailing. Send checks by mail, or documents by mail, or instantly by fax. Making the world a better place, one check at a time.

Mail Princess is a hybrid app built using Ionic, and Tipsy, with the help of my developers here at Youbeo, Daniel and Lucas. It sends checks via mail, or images via fax or email.

Take a look at it over at

Ice Cream Please

Yes please! Last night I redid my old Beer Please site with a few changes:

  • Uses the new Tipsy framework
  • Uses Stripe instead of Paypal
  • Now is opensource
  • There is both a Beer and an Ice Cream design in their own branches
  • Added a 1 click deploy to Heroku button so you can deploy your own instantly

Take a loook over at or

A Solitary Mann

Yet another website for Loic Zimmermann, this time showcasing his new film.

Most of the design was done by Loic himself. The rest was built using AngularJS and jQuery.

Have a look over at


Tipsy is an MVW (Model, View, Whatever) PHP micro framework inspired by AngularJS. It provides a very lightweight, easy to use interface for websites, rest apis, and dependency injection.

Today Tipsy reaches v0.8.0, and brings a whole lot of stability and features including middleware which is useful for login services.

See for more detailed examples and documentation.


Cockpit is yet another administrative supertool I've worked on/created. Cockpit is created for Crunchbutton.

Delivery drivers use Cockpit to accept orders, manage orders, setup payment info, and for reporting purposes.

Crunchbutton uses cockpit internally to handle customer service requests, track orders, manage restaurants, drivers, deploy code, and countless other admin tasks.


Cheryl is a web based file manager for the modern web. Built on top of PHP5 and AngularJS with lots of love from HTML5 and CSS3 animations.

This is my third iteration of my open source file management system I origionaly wrote in 2003. Thats old!

Take a look over at


Following the release of Githubs Octicons, I decided to create a website to showcase 2 of my favorite, the beer and squirrel.

I give you Squirrelly, an open source image and text sharing tool built using Tipsy. Enjoy!


Cluckbutton is a game I created for Crunchbutton just for the hell of it. Crunchbutton provides online food delivery to select areas. By playing the game you are offered discounts on your orders.

For more information, and to play online, visit Cluckbutton.


Simple and elegant Philips Hue lighting system control. Change lights easily with preset animated transitions. Available for iPhone and iPad.


Crunchbutton finds the best-loved restaurants in your neighborhood. Then we make it easy to order the dishes you love most. Both you and your local restaurant owners end up happy. We deliver McDonalds, Chipotle, In-n-out, and lots more to local college campuses.

Crunchbutton is build on a Cana PHP api with an AngularJS frontend. We use a responsive layout to switch between our mobile and desktop web apps. Our iOS and Android apps are built using PhoneGap.

Crunchbutton is powered by a powerful backend paired with a robust admin tool called Cockpit. Cockpit handles orders, routing and delivery logistics to drivers, notifications, payments to drivers, restaurants, and much more.

Take a look at

Beer Please

Beer please is my way of getting funds from clients. Instead of money, I get paid in beer. Because lets face it, beer always was the true currency.

Build on Cana, jQuery, and Facebook Javascript SDK.


cana is an mvc php framework for rapid object oriented development. it combines existing php framework fundamentals found in frameworks such as zend, and combines it with easy to use, extended object support found in ruby, python, and jquery. cana speaks for itself.


Puppy is a registrar I built from scratch. It features basic domain management including DNS editing, NS creation, and Whois modification.

This is a complete redesign and ground up build of Regpuppy for use with Caffeine and jQuery.

New Years 2012

For new years I made a simple little website for my my guests to pick their drinks from my iPad. Interestingly enough, this is the most used app/web page on my iPad.

Everything in the spirits section I do have in stock. I keep this pretty updated.

Crystal Murray

Crystal Murray's personal site

Luma Pictures

Just in time for the theatrical release of Thor, the official launch of the new Luma site is up! With a new design, updated projects, screenshots, and reels, our showoff of Thor looks amazing! Take a look at destroyer! The new website sports the latest of Caffeine and jQuery, as well as Facebook Graph API integration.

Luma Pictures is a Visual Effects Facility based in Santa Monica California. Their works include Thor, True Grit, Green Hornet, No Country for Old Men, Wolverine, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Underworld, and much more. Nearly a year after my first version of the Luma site we are launching a new one. is a mobile philanthropy portal that connects contributors to non-profits on mobile devices. The portal will provide your organization with the ability to immediately accept real time donations & pledges from 150 million*US SmartPhone users, anywhere at any time. 

The partnership has been a long standing project in conjunction with CharityCall and mobileDonor. I build the entire framework that all 3 platforms run one in PHP, the interface in jQuery, and the design in Photoshop. This was a full redesign of the web site and the mobile app.


In partnership with CharityCall, I created a custom design and implementation of the CharityCall platform for Get Ur Good On's mobile donation portal. Get Ur Good On is a mobile web site for Miley Cyrus to inspire people to give and make a difference.

Colaby & BigBrother

After finishing and falling in love with Colaby, I ported all the code over to work with our BigBrother database at Luma Pictures. The result: a portable set of project management code able to be used with any database. Colaby is not just a hosted solution anymore, but a customizable distributed one. I currently use ColaBB to manage my tasks at Luma.


For years I have used project management and ticket tracking software that were often more effort to use than they were worth. So I took it upon myself to create a single solution that would satisfy all of both my and my clients needs.

Colaby is a hybrid ticketing and colaboratve tool. It combines an easy to use interface for client based message threads, with a powerfull ticket and task management system. This allow me to communicate with all of my clients through a single platform and organize my tasks with ease.

Colaby is built on Caffeine, jQuery, and jQuery UI.

e338 & ghettogloss

Loic needed a simple separate webpage to display his print for a ghettogloss event. This entire page is controlled by a single easily editable xml file that he manages over FTP.


Arzy is the brand name I use when freelancing. This site is simply a representation of certain services I provide. Compare to the older versions of the site, this is a much more simplified redesign for use on mobile devices.


e338 is the website of Loic Zimmerman, a French born and raised artist and character designer. He does both 2d and 3d art. The website is a very slimed down version of Caffeine. All of the images are pulled from his flickr library where he can manage his photos without the need for me to design a UI. The homepage is simply displaying all images from the featured photoset.

BigBrother for Luma

For over a year I have worked at Luma Pictures reworking their project and resource management software. BigBrother is the all in one solution for just about everything.

BB includes staff management tools: payroll, timesheets, task time tracking, vacation calendar, sick day tracking, and staff details. It's produciton related tools include barcode scaning for IO, task management, drag and drop delivery management, a shot breakdown by element, artist, and changes. It also includes over 40 differnt reporting tools for comparing shots, elements, disk space, and time spent on a shot.

When I arrived at Luma BB was a collection of hundreds of php scripts modified over the years. It is now a 160k line MVC Caffeine PHP application using Mootools and Mocha UI.

BigBrother external

Luma Pictures had a need for new tool for delivering and showing images/ quicktimes to their clients over the web. With a partial solution already in place, I was tasked with making a secure login for clients and an easy way for IO to deliver the files.

This project was built for Saatchi & Saatchi LA for use with Toyota. I built the site using Cana and jQuery.

Luma Pictures

Luma Pictures is a Visual Effects Facility based in Santa Monica California. Their works include Thor, True Grit, Green Hornet, No Country for Old Men, Wolverine, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Underworld, and much more.

The website is built on Caffeine and Mootools.

CharityCall Mobile

CharityCall is a mobile platform designed to allow non-profits to reach out to donors. CharityCall provides both the software for donors to contribute, as well as robust reporting and donor engagement solutions for our non-profit clients.

This mobile app was create with PHP, and PHP CSS Sprites.


Charity Call is a mobile platform for charities to accept donations. Currently, an AT&T user can dial #505 on their phone and donate to a selected charity. With the iPhone application, a user can donate simply by selecting the charity and confirming.

The iPhone application uses Objective-C Cocoa Touch, and a JSON backend written in PHP for configuration loading, and content loading.

Roddenberry is the official website of Roddenberry Productions, a merchandising website run by Rod Roddenberry, Son of Gene Roddenberry (creater of Star Trek.) runs on an eCommerce system called Magento. Magento relies heavily on Zend Framework, and is robust enough to handle nearly any eCommerce task.

My primary tasks included upgrading Magento from a much ealier version to a newer version. Now I know normally "upgrading" is a painless process. Not with Magento, which I learned only from upgrading myself. Most of the time spent was modifying template files and basic PHP code to get the old theme working with the new theme.

This job was through Eyemagine Technology.

Kaytea is an eCommerce storefront that sells a variety of custom baby cloths and toys. It runs on a highly modified Zencart base with custom URL handlers, custom theme, and support for multiple images and dynamic image resizing.


osFileManager is a rebranding of my Libra File Manager, the open source PHP file manager. After hundreds of thousands of downloads, this old code is still going strong.

Features include inline text file editing, uploading, secure download, user management, and permissions changes.

osFileManager comes in two flavors: static, which is a single file with only one user to mange files; and full, a database driven user database and permissions system for powerfull file management.


A new design for my long standing web hosting I provide to my clients.

I have since stoped giving hosting to strangers, and point them in the direction of media temple or dreamhost.

Lux Aeternia

Lux is a MMORPG (massively multiplayer online roleplaying game) developed by Zepa Studios. Zepa came to me looking for an all in one web solution. I designed, developed, and host their website. The lux logins works with zepa ids from

Lux is written in PHP and uses RawCMS.

Zepa Studios

Zepa Studios is a game development company based in Canada. Zepa came to me looking for a complete solution to their large scale website needs. I designed, develop and host the site. Their zepa id system uses a remote database api using xml to communicate with their game servers.

Zepa is written with PHP and uses RawCMS.

MySpace Adders

MySpace Addres provides SNS (Social Networking Site) promotion software to end users. They came to me looking for a new look and feel to their product. I created a UI for both their software and their website, fully revamping their previous interfaces. I also provided backend development for interaction between the software and the website via xml.


theLATA is a subscription based database full of artists, venues, festivals, radio stations, and just about everything you could ever want as an artist on tour. Some of the more promising features are the maps which allow you to pick up venues, call them, and fill up your tour.

theLATA is written in PHP and uses a custom javascript framework.

Tight FTP

Tight FTP is a simple FTP (File Transfer Protocol) application. It is a somewhat ongoing C# project that has been put on hold while I work on an objective c version for osx.


LitePay is just like PayPal minus the fact of us stealing or holding funds for some amount of time not listed in any terms of service until they send you some random link directly. LitePay is not a bank. Neither is PayPal. We will not pretend to be a bank. No interest, no stealing of funds, no debit card, just merchant gateway. Users can send funds for free no problem.

LitePay also has two very important things for merchants. One is the Direct Payments which is like any other merchant gateway or like PayPal's Web Payments Pro, with the exception of that LitePay gives you the great web interface AND the merchant gateway at no extra charge. You can use either whenever.

The other feature is the custom CSS. Any merchant using our system to take payments can customize the entire look of the LitePay website during the payment process for the users. This will help alleviate confusion for buyers as well as make your payment page prettier.

Integration is simple and the support docs from with a fully functionaly example and library written in PHP.

LitePay is completly written in PHP and javascript without any 3rd party libraries.


osGallery is on open source PHP MySQL image gallery. It uses either GD or Imagemagick libraries, and caches resized images for faster loading times.

osGallery is built on a custom modular system that allows modules to easily be added including the built in blog module.


Witgi is pretty much the worst site you will ever encounter. It is just a flash page with my old dog with parts you can click to change my horrible fruity loops songs. I highly recommend not visiting it.

Ben & Katie

Ben and Katie came to me for a basic wedding page. Using a modified design from iWeb, I created a PHP backend to create a comments page as well as a guestbook.


RegPuppy is a basic domain registrar, built and operated inhouse by arzdev. It's purpose is to make registration easy, cheap, and have no hidden fees. Some features include it's remote whois lookup, NS registration, DNS modifications, and more.

Simplestar & Walgreens

Using an asknet backend for prices and checkout, this microsite quickly provided a solution for Simplestar and Walgreens to sell their co-branded software.

I was tasked with taking an existing php site and implement a new design from photoshop, and add some new features and skus from asknet.

Jmp2 (Jump To) is a simple site that allows the user to quickly shorten URL. I wrote this as a little project for my dad who wanted a custom url shortner. It quickly exploded and was used worldwide, which is why it has so many translations. Later I added a firefox toolbar addon to shorten any url without using the site.

Jmp2 is an open source PHP project.


Redefined Live came to me directly looking to make a website for their christian rock band. I provided full backend and admin interface implementation on top of their existing template to streamline their website. It was implemented using Gemini 4 as the backend system.


Krulive is a promotional agency that needed a content management solution. The designer came to me asking me to implement one of my custom CMS solutions. It was built using RawCMS.

This job was through Vibrant Studios.

KP Photography

KP Photography was a photo site for some photographer. It was built using one of my early CMS versions, Gemini 4. The gallery system was based on my Crux gallery at the time.

PhotoShow DVD for Flickr

In the infancy of the flickr developer api, Simplestar jumped into the game by partnering with flickr to provide a Photoshow DVD. I was tasked with taking the prototype code and design and make a working final version. With the final functionality a user was able to select Create a PhotoShow DVD from any flickr photoset, and it would take them the photoshow page that I built. This page would download the images from flickr to the content server and walk the user through the steps of creating a DVD. It would then send the user off to checkout and add the photoset id into the order database.

Radio Radio

RadioRadio is an online community and store where artists and labels come to host and promote their music on our radio. They can then sell their music in the store and earn money with us easily. Users can locate new bands, find shows or concerts for bands, listen to sample music, or purchase music. Every artist has their own community forum run and administrated by them. I provided all design and development for the site and continue to provide support.

Silver lake

Silver lake chamber of commerce contacted me directly to build a dynamic member directory system. This featured categories, subcategories, as well as category aliases.

Groove Gate

GrooveGate is an online music store for electronic music artists and labels. I provided an extensive backend that powered all content, artist, and music management. I also developed a flash music player to preview the uploaded music. Later, I implimented some fontend designs and UI changes to the main site.

This site was written in PHP.

Toujours Photography

Toujours Photography is a professional photography service. With the help of Gemini 5.1 they are able to administer the content on their site easily and efficiently. Project included design, layout, graphics, development, custom pages, and hosting.

Dislexik Films

Dislexik Films is a film site dedicated to the publication and information of the films worked on by Dislexik. I designed, developed, and host the site.

Dislexik Films was writen in PHP and uses Gemini 5.0.


VampyreDork Clothing is a custom line of clothing aiming for online marketing, sales and promotion. Project consisted of custom pages and scripts, graphics, layout, design, and hosting.

The site uses Gemini 4.8 and is hosted with me.

Handwritten Font

Handwritten Font is a site designed and planed by AspenTreeMedia. I created all scripting and server side functionality including the ePayment and the admin backend. The entire site uses PHP and Flash with PHP flash remoting.

Perissa Publishers

Perissa Publishers sells state resource guides for actors. While working with AspenTreeMedia, I redesigned the current shoping cart and developed a secure and efficient way to purchase the online documents and allow a user to download the ones purchased.

This site was done in PHP.

Utah Sports Commission

Utah Sports Commission is on organization partly responsible for the SLC Olympics organization. While working at AspenTreeMedia, I took the flash and design of the site provided and created all server side functionality, flash remoting, and dynamic content using PHP flash remoting.


El-Toro is a Utah based punk band. ArzDev created the graphics, the layout, the design, the media content player and the serverside scripting. El-Toro is currently hosted with ArzHost.

My SMS Network

My SMS Network is a free service to send SMS messages to SMS compatible devices across the world. This projects is completely managed and run by me. This includes user management, graphic design, layout, content management, and development.

My-SMS is currently hosted on my servers. and uses PHP Gemini 5.0.

Libra File Manager

Libra File Manager is an open source project to manage files on a remote server via PHP. Features include inline text file editing, uploading, secure download, user management, and permissions changes.


RolePost Community is an online forum for posting and creating your own role playing worlds. Featuring roles from Marvel characters to Tolkien. I designed, created the layout, designed the graphics, and developed the backend of this site. RolePost uses a form of Gemini 4 and a custom PHP forum.


Axiom Web Development is an web development and marketing firm located in Utah. Their clients/projects include Nickelodeon, New York Jets, Sierra Online, Universal Studios, E3, Warner Bros, Sundance institute, Shrek II, MGM, Sundance Institute, Looney Toons, Faith Hill, Catwoman, Dreamworks, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and more.

My role was develop an actionscript based website to their spec to display their portfolio items.

Job was through Aspentreemedia