LitePay is just like PayPal minus the fact of us stealing or holding funds for some amount of time not listed in any terms of service until they send you some random link directly. LitePay is not a bank. Neither is PayPal. We will not pretend to be a bank. No interest, no stealing of funds, no debit card, just merchant gateway. Users can send funds for free no problem.

LitePay also has two very important things for merchants. One is the Direct Payments which is like any other merchant gateway or like PayPal's Web Payments Pro, with the exception of that LitePay gives you the great web interface AND the merchant gateway at no extra charge. You can use either whenever.

The other feature is the custom CSS. Any merchant using our system to take payments can customize the entire look of the LitePay website during the payment process for the users. This will help alleviate confusion for buyers as well as make your payment page prettier.

Integration is simple and the support docs from with a fully functionaly example and library written in PHP.

LitePay is completly written in PHP and javascript without any 3rd party libraries.