I am Space.

Co-founder, developer, designer, and beer geek. I am self taught, and on a good day, get to help teach others how to teach themselves.

For the last 20 something years I have been cooking up apps, software, websites, and products for a wide variety of palates and connoisseurs.

My current favorite ingredients are Next.js and Expo. But since I love variety, I often like to mix in a bit of Vanilla Javascript, Unity, React, Ionic, Electron, PHP, MongoDB, SQL, iOS, Android & Node.js.

Some of my more public creations I’ve thrown together are Instill, BEAT.R., Crunchbutton, Mail Princess, Tipsy, Cluckbutton, Cheryl, Squirrelly, Give.mobi, Timeout, OS Gallery, OS File Manager, and Colos. More recently I spend my time leading some awesome creations and people over at ae.studio.

Director of Technology Innovation & Co-founder

Agency Enterprise aka ae.studio

February 2016 till right this second

Co-founder of a Product Development and Data Science studio, hell bent on increasing human agency, based in Venice Beach California. Built by former members of the Crunchbutton team, we were like "hey, we know how to make your startup, so pay us to do it for you!"

Mostly I just enjoy the sun, eat great food, and hang with awesome people. But when clients come in they are like "sup, TPM" and I'm like "we're on the top floor". Then I just make their product awesome and we pretend I didn't make a dad joke.

Skunkworks? Passion projects? That's my JAM. Design, UI/UX, development, dev ops, whatev ops. I have a bad habit of redoing stuff into next.js + vercel lately. You might also see some of my work with Ottie, PeachyPay, Kersplat, BEAT.R. & Mail Princess. But most of my work you will never see. Because I live a very secretive life. And/or I am a very exclusive dev. Ninja even.

CTO & Co-founder


April 2012 till February 2016

Co-founder of a food delivery startup with a small team of scrappy startup nerds. We ran a pretty lean shop with a dev+design team of 3 total. We built out a cordova hybrid app for Android and iOS back before Ionic or React Native existed. Fun times. Our backend featured one of the many PHP frameworks I build over the ages. Some of our cooler things most people didn't get to see were our driver apps with awesome multi order pickup optimization using fancy science and the fancy Ed Chen.

I like to think I convinced my co-founders to move to LA, though probably LA did all the convincing for me. Or perhaps it was all of the cocktails I would gleefully mix for them. Or Irori Sushi.

Shoutout to Daniel for being the best dev partner ever.

PHP Architect

Luma Pictures

September 2009 till August 2012

Moved to LA for this awesome job full of awesome crazy people with a great culture in the VFX space. Most people never saw the stuff I worked on since it was almost all internal. I worked on a super suite of tools that connected artists, producers, coordinators, and literally everyone else. There were hundreds of pieces and scripts that connected all that stuff together. Including some Redmine integration, Administaff payroll & time tracking awesomeness, customer asset delivery & review, and much much more. Mostly used PHP and Javascript to connect to the existing MySQL db full of awesome data from the pipeline devs. Also worked on the front facing company web page. Yay.

Senior Software Developer

Eyemagine Tech

March 2009 till September 2009

Was I really senior at this age? Someone certainly thought so. I mostly worked with PHP, Zend Framework, and Magento. I do not miss you, Magento. You are too needy. But I got to play around with some pretty big ecommerce sites and do some Magento upgrades which somehow were fun. I think I was the first hire at this little studio at the time. I also got to build out a payment management backoffice for the Archdiocese of Chicago. That was interesting.

CTO & Co-founder


July 2008 till September 2012

Built an overly complex and customizable mobile giving platform, CMS, and reporting suite optimized for some of the earliest of web capable devices. I’m talking pre iPhone. I was the first and sole developer, designer, architect, brand person, whatever. From scratch, I made it using PHP, MySQL, CentOS, and probably some more stuff. We kept it capable of running without Javascript, which sounds crazy nowadays. We had quite a few cool NPO partners including Global Impact and Get ur Good on back when that was still a thing.

Thanks Bob for this chapter of my life. Even if you think we were ahead of our time.

Senior Web Developer


May 2005 till October 2005

When PHP Nuke was more popular than Wordpress, I worked with E-mpire to build our own robust commercial CMS. After having spent a couple years working on my own due to the limitations and lack of security in other options, this was an awesome team-up. We developed and managed pretty innovative, dynamic content management system ideas utilizing mainly PHP & MySQL. Added some built-in advanced SEO strategic systems, and voilà. All systems designed to be platform independent, so it would run on FreeBSD, RHEL, Windows, whatever.

Founder & CEO


April 2005 till August 2009

Humbly began as an autoit automation script for accepting friends on MySpace for a band that I was working on their website. Did I mention I do tons of freelance dev work? This expanded pretty quickly. I dug up my Visual Basic skills from the past and build a suite of Windows tools to send messages, accept friends, etc. As I grew the dev team, we moved to C# for windows, and I truly cant even remember what we used for Mac.

I primarily focused my time on building, marketing and selling a tiered suite of software that had friend request accepting, bulk messages, event notifications, friend finding, etc. This included a remote licensing system which allowed labels to purchase a license per account, shifting sales to B2B, making it much easier on me. And to make it even easier, I created a scalable affiliate & reseller platform with built in analytics, payroll dashboards, and customizable hosted ecommerce stores that only sold our products.

With more growth I negotiated reseller agreements with competitors and partners to maintain our industry position. Created an aggressive set of Google Ads campaigns. Built a PayPal clone payment platform from scratch to support FriendBot, partners and competitors. Created our largest team, the customer support team. And maintained profitability from day one.

Web Application Systems Engineer

Owl Technology

March 2005 till January 2007

Once upon a time, there was no YouTube, no Spotify, no SoundCloud. It was a very quiet time for the internet. So with RadioRadio, we tried to change that. Using some off the shelf PHP stuff, I setup some CMS with user auth, forums, tour maps, shopping cart, SEO etc. This was so long ago we still had to use Flash and ActionScript in order make audio players. O how the times have changed.

Web Engineer

Simple Star

March 2005 till May 2006

The biggest company I ever worked for and they still had a startupy exit. Most of my focus was on front + backend developments of photoshow.net, a social photo album site. Think Facebook albums but you can change themes and customize lots of cool stuff. I spent alot of time working with smarty templates in PHP, adding internationalization, and working with a PHP + Java backend. I also got sucked into some smaller fun projects like a Wallgreens and Flickr microsite with a digital print backend.

Freelance Super Hero

My House

December 31st 1999 till the day I die

No idea when I really started this. But even today I really haven't stopped. So this is really just a made up section because there was a place in my resume where it looks like I am not working. And that just isn’t the case. Around this time I was pretty focused on LAMP stack, with a sprinkle of Flash/ActionScript here and there. I even learned some C++ and built a prototype for an MMO that didn't happen. I worked on countless photography and band websites. Seemed like every artist needed their own website done and redone. I did lots of design work. Though not particularly willingly. Code is so much more fun.

I've done SEO, marketing, sales, whatever it takes to fill the gaps in a small company. Built native apps for iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, Mac, and even some work on PSP. Worked with every backend language that seemed like fun including PHP, Ruby, Python, Go, C#, Node, Perl and even Coldfusion. I've worked with Unreal Engine and Unity, and even have a couple small games I’ve made.

Web Developer / Designer


December 2003 til January 2005

First day on the job I had to convert a ColdFusion Flash Remoting backend to use PHP Remoting. If you haven't heard of that before, good. It doesn't exist anymore. And probably never should have. But that was so much fun to learn ColdFusion while also doing that work. Most of my work involved Flash in some way at Aspen. Flash was like the thing then. The coolest thing we worked on was the Utah Sports commission website for the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics. And now that I read what date I said I started at Aspen, I might be wrong about that start date. I’ll get back to you on that.

Technical / Network Support


July 2001 til January 2003

My first actual go to the office job. Maintained datacenter composed of HPUX, RedHat Linux, Windows 2000 Server, Windows 2003 Server, Cisco Pix, Tandem (HP Nonstop Himalaya Series) and other Cisco infrastructures. Received merchant processing troubleshooting calls and addressed accordingly. Main use of monitor tools included mSQL and in-house developed ColdFusion apps. Daily tasks included fraud prevention / reporting, and server maintenance.

That all sounds pretty impressive right? But really I just sat there and clicked buttons over and over to make sure nothing was broken. And I worked grave shift. Very lonely. But I taught myself a ton about network stuff. And learned some Cisco NIX.


Take your pick... Next.js, React & React Native, Jamstack, Ionic, Electron, HTML, CSS, Javascript, TypeScript, NodeJS, AngularJS, PHP, Python, Ruby, MVC, Drupal, Wordpress, Zend Framework, Facebook API, GraphCMS, Airtable API, Stripe, jQuery, .NET, Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, Git, Linux, MySQL, PostresSQL, MongoDB, FaunaDB, GraphQL, Apache, Nginx, Bash, Docker, AWS, Linode, Heroku, Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, Figma, UI, UX, Objective C, Visual Basic, iOS, Android, Cordova, PhoneGap, Hybrid Apps, Unity, VR, AR, C#, Solidity & more...