The release of Tipsy (MVW PHP)

Over the last decade I have modified and released several different PHP frameworks, with each version changing as my style changes. This new framework, created almost from scratch for some of my newer, smaller sites, focuses on speed of development, with the idea of making REST based web apps super easy to build.

This new version has been named Tipsy, because, obviously, I made it...and everything else...while drinking.

Tipsy is an MVW (Model View Whatever) framework, following the examples of AngularJS.

Heres a quick example of how easy, yet how powerful and lightweight, Tipsy is:


require_once 'Tipsy.php';
use Tipsy\Tipsy;

$tipsy = new Tipsy;

    ->when('hello', function($Scope, $View) {
        $Scope->user = 'Devin';
    ->otherwise(function() {
        echo '404';



<h1>Welcome, =$user?>!</h1>

Take a look at the source, examples, and documentation, over at Tipsy's Github Repo.