Two days into Lion: touchpad gesture problems

One of the most common gestures i used to use is the 3 finger back and forward swipe on web pages, to navigate through my history. By default in lion, it changes this to a 2 finger gesture, but only works in safari. chrome is only set up to listen for the three finger gesture, and ONLY if you set up your system preferences to use three finger swipes instead of two. However, on my system three finger swipe was crashing every program. after a little digging it seemed it was some wierd system preference for multiclutch, when i didnt even have it installed.

the error

8 net.wonderboots.multiclutchinputmanager  0x0a9fcbba -[GestureShortcutsController executeSwipe:inDirection:] + 85
9 net.wonderboots.multiclutchinputmanager  0x0a9fc348 -[NSApplication(GESTURES) swizzledGestureEvent:] + 362

the solution

rm ~/Library/Preferences/com.wonderboots.MultiClutchBindings.plist
rm /Library/Application Support/SIMBL/Plugins/AirKeysInputManager.bundle

three finger swipe works again!