More OSX Lion issues

the other day when my computer booted up it gave me a nice NØ symbol telling me the kernel was messed up. thanks to the help of the tech guys at luma we booted up in firewire transfer mode, removed my trim support, and it all rebooted fine.

last night however, i didn't change anything, rebooted because my battery died, and was once again greeted with Ø.

now i've had alot of issues with lion so far, and only a few things positive, what was i realized when about to boot into my bootcamp partition, was that lion installs a recovery partition! this pretty much made my night. it allows you to access the internet, open terminal and modify files, AND reinstall lion. i had no idea what to change in terminal, and the internets provided me with no help. so i reinstalled, and 30 minutes later i was back and happy!